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"Sandra's lessons leave me feeling inspired, energised and instilled with self confidence in both my vocal ability and performance "
Tricia Celice​
Mezzo Soprano



The Song that is my life!

workshop to explore our inner and outer voice

what helps or stops our singing

London 12th June 12pm

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next Performance class 27th May 3.15pm

4 places left - book now!


Singing Tip!

Breathe from the diaphragm, not just the lungs. You need to really control and regulate the air that you’re expelling when you sing, and really using the abdominal muscles to support the diaphragm gives you more air to work with. To do this, be relaxed enough to inhale so that your the lower abdominal muscles are utilised  rather than your chest  just rising when you inhale, keep your shoulders down and focus further down into the abdominal area.

​Welcoming Group Classes​

We now hold regular Performance Classes for all of our students regardless of experience or ability. These classes are founded on a belief of building a highly encouraging 'singing family', a network of fellow singers and travellers through life who will support and encourage each other.

Take Your First Steps!

When our director Sandra Scott was studying Advanced Singing at the Royal Academy of Music she was introduced to regular Performance Classes by her singing professor at the time Miss Majorie Thomas.  Whilst these started at 9.30 am every Wednesday (very early for a singer!) the benefit that these regular convivial classes brought about still resonates today in her own teaching classes.​

Sandra having experienced the benefit of these group classes first hand, then decided that these were an invaluable tool in enabling a singer's confidence to flourish and began holding the classes in her own teaching practice providing a safe, non judgmental and highly encouraging environment in which to take perhaps a first step in performing, even something as simple as a singing scale all the way to a mini recital and particularly useful for songs that are being prepared for audition or performance.​



Alternatively if you feel you are not ready to sing just yet. then you are very welcome to just come to listen and become a valued part of the group. There is no pressure as listening and watching  your fellow singers  develop is  indeed a unique and wonderful part of learning how to sing and  how to relate to your audience. And once again the trademarks of camaraderie and fun marks these classes out as truly welcoming and an invaluable tool in your own development.

For All Levels of Singing


Peter Rainbird

"Two very talented individuals in their own right come together to form the witty and light-hearted Bling Crosbies. A fun evening and highly recommended."


- The Peace & Plenty, Playden, E Sussex

"Sandra's Performance classes are a wonderful tool to learn with"                

Raphaela Bordoni 






"Sandra's amazing tuition doesn't just exist in the lesson, she invites all her students to meet each other and organises amazing expeditions, to masterclasses gigs,workshops, all this is such a fun interactive approach, so all her students can help each other and compare notes"   

Victoria Aitken

Writer and Singer           


The fabulous Ellie Laine and Alain Du Sel



"Last Summer we invited Sandra Scott's Wall of Sound choir to sing on our new stage area in the garden. Sandra Scott is a renowned voice coach who also helps people to fulfil their dreams by teaching them to sing. One of the choir was a local man Alain.

He has recently disovered his love of singing and being a natural performer just needed an opportunity to make his dream come true.

Harking back to the 'The Good Old Days' we put on a Dinner and Cabaret evening just like the old movies.  To set the scene people arrived dressed in dinner suits and evening dresses, Alain Du Sel became a smooth and sophisticated crooner with a twinke in this eye.

The evening enchanted everyone, they clamoured for more and to date we have had 3 sell out shows!"

Colleen Leatherdale

​La Patron  
Peace and Plenty
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