With real understanding of the technique of the voice true progress can be truly made and then the excitement of the musicality, the understanding, the living the song can really begin!

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'I feel so much more confident since joining Sandra - she has made me feel that I can sing, and has always pushed me to go that one step further. 


Sandra is not only a great teacher but also a lovely person, who makes all her students feel that they really matter to her. 

With Sandra's support and guidance I now feel that I can achieve something with my singing.  I am so glad I found her!'

Dr Camilla Darling







has a Voice!


- Quite simply we believe everybody has a singing voice, but sometimes we need just a little help to find it! At our studios everyone is treated as an individual person, an individual voice with a unique take on the world whether you are coming to singing for the first time, returning after a while, or already an industry professional needing further vocal help. In approaching everyone afresh we believe  we enable each singer to develop vocally and to reach their own potential. We very much believe  in teaching singing in a client-centered positive and encouraging environment underpinned with strong support and good humour.

-We particularly specialise in working with non singers who need that extra support, helping and guiding in a gentle and encouraging way in order to find the voice and enjoy it!



- Ok we will be blunt, we believe there are very few voice  studios that can offer the incredible range and diversity of expertise of song coaching from to Musicals to Mozart to Rock that we have been able to offer for the last 20 years. ​​​​This interest and ability is rarely found elsewhere but our coach Sandra Scott has a particular interest in working with different styles of music and is in this unique position to offer her highly effective song coaching expertise in a wide range of styles with vibrancy and panache. 

- Vocal Coaching that is about truly understanding the song, both from the musical standpoint including learning the right notes and timing and in a key that is appropriate for each singer, but also on a deeper more profound level accessing each person's creativity and imagination. ​ This is the when the real transformations happen! When there is a real synthesis of mind, body  and voice, watch the fireworks! 






From Pop To Opera

We offer a truly exciting Commercially Focused Vocal Coaching Course for both beginners​​​​​​​​​​ and professional singers
including AUDITION PREPARATION​​​​​​​​​​​ for ACTORS and DANCERS,  Choirs, Drama and Music School & Musical Theatre and Opera Companies

We covers all genres of music including:- 
Musical Theatre,  Pop,  Rock,  Jazz, R&B, Traditional and Folk, Classical music including Opera, Oratorio, Choral & Recital repertoire
working with a synthesis of text and music to create  TO BUILD CONFIDENCE  and create a performance to remember.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Ms Jane Briers being rather wonderful at our Berlin Cabaret

Viv Albertine

Please do ring us at our South London or Rye Studios on 07533 207003

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