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"Sandra is simply the best singing coach there is, she has changed not only my voice but my life, you really don't get better than this!"


- Mike Thompson  M.A. Charity Chief Administrator

-Our Director and Voice Coach is renowned and leading vocal expert and vocal pedagogue Sandra Scott Dip RAM, Dip Couns. Eur Dip Couns who has trained at the world's leading conservatoire of music The Royal Academy of Music in London. 


Sandra has over 30 years teaching experience working with well over 1000 singers from all over the world. She offers a unique blend of highly effective singing technique fused with a creative and motivational approach to vocal repertoire and performance. As Sandra is also a qualified counsellor with over 15 years counselling experience she is in a unique position to be able to truly understand the innate need to express one's self through the singing voice. Sometimes people have waited a long time to do so! Finally in Sandra they have found a safe and highly encouraging environment to do so!




Sandra is known for her great flair and valued reputation for building both strong vocal confidence particularly with beginners, combining this with a holistic approach to singing and to the complete person. This is the basis of her holistically based approach.  Sandra believes wholeheartedly in the transforming power of the singing voice and her teaching methods are underpinned always with the knowledge that if the voice can change so can the horizon of possibilities for each individual person.

Quite simply Sandra's friendly, highly supportive, non judgmental approach is the driving force behind so many success stories, whether singing for fun or for those hoping to  become a  singing professional. Of course not forgetting Sandra's well known hallmark of tuition and choirs filled by humour and camaraderie, perfect for making new friends and finding a new direction not only in singing but in life.


"Sandra Scott,
what a find!"
Read what Viv has said about me in her book 'Clothes, Music , Boys'


-Our training is based on a very detailed and thorough grounding in Vocal ​Technique as taught personally to SANDRA SCOTT by the world renowned  Vocal Master  ARNOLD ROSE author of the best selling academic and popular textbook The Singer and the Voice (Faber & Faber & Scholar Press). Prof. Rose's training was paramount in enabling Sandra to understand the importance of truly understanding the voice from both an anatomical and experiential standpoint. He opened the door to a vocal  journey that Sandra still travels along. It is a continual path of vocal discovery.


When Prof. Rose sadly died Sandra then went on to study further post graduate Advanced Singing Studies with an awarded Scholarship and Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Music in London under Professor Marjorie Thomas also working with world renowned vocal coaches Paul Hamburger, David Willison and Delia Lindon

"I've been a student of Sandra's more than 6 years. She is more than my teacher. She is my friend, mentor and inspiration. I sing Jazz, but I didn't know I had the voice for Jazz until Sandra coached me and led me to it.

I'm amazed at her compassion and her love for her students. She always strives to do the best for all of us, no matter what our ability.

When I decided to take my dreams seriously, I found Sandra by fluke, but I think I was meant to find her and I believe she was meant to be my teacher.

Sandra will always be my teacher and friend. She'll always be a special person in my life".

Chevonne Jones 

Emma Rose Chapman - Photo MIchael Pollard

Sandra's intensive studies were followed by an accomplished performing portfolio in both classical and contemporary repertoire with a particular interest in American Classical repertoire and Contemporary Classical repertoire of the 20th century.


A continued cutting edge Studio and Recording Technology training and further career development with BACP Integrative Therapeutic Counselling Diploma qualification which has been built into a thriving performers counselling practice.




Untitled (5).png


Sandra now leads her own vocal ensembles called The Wall of Sound, based in London and Rye which encourages both beginners and advanced singers to work together to perform on a regular basis in repertoire from Gospel to IrishTraditional to World music, Jazz to Classical. ​


All of these vibrant and highly effective activities and teaching skills we believe complete a picture of an assured and thorough authentic Vocal Training, Coaching and Counselling highly unique to our Studios.








Career Mentoring

Lead Singer

find the right direction

We work very closely with each individual singer to enable real vocal and musical potential and through our many concerts we are able to offer a real glimpse into the world of performing and all the fun and rigours that performing entails.  Therefore some of our singing students make the decision to become a singing professional.

We offer  step by step Career Mentoring and preparation for Audition with coaching in not only vocal expertise but in the most appropriate repertoire to gain success in accordance with the  chosen style and genre of each individual singer from preparing to gain a place in Drama School and Music College, jazz combos and contemporary rock and R&B bands preparation right the way through to  West End Theatre Companies and Opera Companies both in the UK and internationally.


The right audition repertoire is essential in the portfolio of the prospective professional singer, so we work with creativity and imagination to make sure you are very ready for every audition with a vibrant and varied collection of songs in the right key. The correct key is key to success, forgive the pun, but very true!

Performance Motivation and Performance Psychology are very important qualities to have within the toolbag of the singer both professional and non professional. In our preparation for audition ​ and performance we work in an in depth way in accordance with each individual student working on posture, stage presence, stage persona  and charisma.  If appropriate our singing coach Sandra's long experience as an Integrative Counsellor is able to be brought into the mix by employing Gestalt Role Play in order for a very in depth synthesis of text, music and meaning. Whilst this is not  for everyone, for some this is at the real heart of their own understanding of their expression, their desire to communicate with the audience and the world in general, it really is life changing!

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