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"The other thing better than singing is more singing!"     Ella Fitzgerald


I have been a student of Sandra Scott for several years and she is by far the best teacher I have ever had. She has taught me the importance of technique, helping to improved my tone greatly. She has also given me so much more confidence which has allowed me to start singing repertoire (such as Jazz) that I have always wanted to sing but never felt confident and able to! I would 100% recommend having lessons with Sandra. The quality and value for money you receive is of the highest standard from an outstanding talented, experienced and trained teacher.

Martha Grace


A Great Way To Start



At our singing studios we believe it is important to value the time and effort that each person invests in reaching  a decision  to take their singing on to the next level. For some it has taken a bit of a journey to get here and we do indeed recognise the many factors that have brought each person to this important moment.


Therefore we believe it is important to be make sure that each new singer begins with the right kind of singing lesson or vocal coaching method that is appropriate for their own particular needs.



We do very much believe that we offer a service that is second to none and this begins with our initial friendly and informative first lesson called rather formally the Consultation Lesson. This is a great way to enable us to to ascertain how we would create a tailor made lesson programme especially for your own particular needs and in what sort of time frame.




We recognise that some people might be feeling apprehensive when taking their first steps in singing and coming to take singing lessons. This is of course understandable and therefore the informality of the Consultation Lesson is held with that in mind. If you are already an experienced singer you might be finally wishing to find a technique and environment that will allow you to find your complete vocal potential.

We work hard to make sure we are good enough for this to be your singing school of choice based on vast experience, a highly effective technique and we believe an innate understanding of the singer.

Therefore we incorporate simple vocal work into the session, and this is very useful for us to plan ahead in as to the best and most affective form of tuition or coaching you will need taking into account  your vocal, musical, budget and practical needs.


'Sandra is a very friendly and bubbly individual who will make you laugh and instill confidence into your singing.


From the very first few lessons you can tell that Sandra is an experienced teacher with valuable insight into the voice. I have been using the techniques Sandra teaches and have already seen a huge shift in my voice which is what it’s all about! My practice time is so much more valuable now that I have the knowledge and tools to really work on the voice.


I really recommend not wasting your hours trying to navigate through all the information you find on the internet and get yourself a voice teacher Sandra preferably because she’s the best :) '

Jamie S

wall of sound johns jane and sa_pp.jpg

Wall of Sound St Johns

"I thoroughly enjoy working with Sandra,  we have  learned so much and progressed immensely in a short space of time.

Each session filled me with more and more confidence and had me looking forward to the next.

I use her vocal exercises to warm up now and the techniques I was taught will stay with me for life".

Dom Deore

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