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 - At our singing studios we  realise that there is a great deal of choice when looking for vocal tuition. We take that choice very seriously and  believe that we offer an all round very exciting vocal teaching programme that is not offered anywhere else in the UK. We can make this claim as our director Sandra Scott is a leader in her field, having trained to the highest level and knows that good technique training is hard to find.


- Our credo is that we work holistically at all times, working with the complete and expressive person, tailor making the lessons to work at each person's own particular pace working with a highly effective and motivating combination of strong vocal technique combined with a person-centered approach to build a well rounded vocal awareness coupled with superb performance and personal confidence. It goes even further than that in that  we provide many opportunities to perform and to network and get a footing on to the world of performing.

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We believe in the Strong & Transforming Power of the Voice

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Be  Inspired

singing tip

You do not water a tree at the top but at it's roots then the tree thrives, grows and blossoms as a consequence. It is the proper training of the middle voice that enables a beautiful and free upper voice , so the work around the break/passagio is crucial to good vocal ability - we specialise in this.  

Trevor John

Daniela Magni

"Sandra is simply amazing! Not only is she a great vocal coach but she is also very supportive and positive with all of her students.​​

She has introduced a complete new world to me, made of rich colours, inspiring music and strong emotions.

Thanks to Sandra I discovered the true sound of my voice.


Daniela Magni  Jazz Artist



-One to one, creative and empowering singing and music tuition, Group Performance Workshops & Choirs  

- For All Ages from 8 to 80, we design the tuition around each individual person and their own vocal needs. 

-Structured, tailor made lessons with strong emphasis on strong vocal  technique development

- Vocal Coaching in a wide range of styles from Rock to Baroque! Jazz to Musicals to R&B to Opera

-There are lesson packages for everyone, we have excellent price plans for all budgets​

-Sandra has particular experience in working with non-singers and those with confidence issues

-Flexible, weekly or every second week lesson times to suit your schedule, we teach daytimes, evenings and weekends.

-Great location our South London vocal coaching is  30 seconds from bustop, 5 minutes from underground, and rail,  easy Parking, Rye Studio is 1 minute from all transport links and parking.

Nervous Beginners 


Industry Professionals Welcomed


"Sandra has helped me way beyond just learning to sing/technique, way beyond her remit as a teacher.

I cannot express the amount of love and gratitude I feel for her, for her kindness and encouragement.


I honestly would not be where I am today without her."


Clare Cunningham - Photographer

I was very nervous at the idea of singing in front of anyone - I couldn’t even sing to myself - but Sandra’s good humour, warmth, encouragement and guidance combined with a profound understanding of great technique has revealed and nurtured a voice I never knew I had. 


Whether you’re looking to improve your voice, try something new or work on your self-confidence, I really recommend Sandra Scott. Sandra is not only an amazing teacher but works tirelessly to find opportunities for her students to perform in public and with each other, so you get a whole community of friendly, supportive singers into the bargain!


I’m so glad I took the leap and started classes - life wouldn’t be the same without singing, and singing wouldn’t be the same without Sandra


Sarah Grange, writer and theatre practitioner


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