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Sandra Scott Dip RAM, Dip Couns, is passionate about the power of singing and has gained an outstanding reputation for being one of the most sought after and experienced singing teachers in the UK and Ireland today, having trained at the London School of Singing with continued studies at the world leading conservatoire of music, The Royal Academy of Music. Sandra combines her 28 years vocal coach experience offering highly qualified singing lessons, vocal coaching, Wall Of Sound Choirs and Counselling practice designed especially for performers, musicians and actors, in conveniently placed studios in Vauxhall, South London, Central London & in the medieval town of  Rye in East Sussex.


Sandra has trained over 1,000 singers from beginners, singing for fun or for the powerful therapeutic qualities that singing offers to industry singing professionals, actors and dancers, coaching in wide range of musical styles including Jazz, Musical Theatre, Gospel, Pop, R&B, Folk, World, Opera, Recital and Oratorio styles and is renowned for her welcoming and confidence building teaching ethos, providing many performance opportunities from open mics to music festivals to enable an all round singing training that is indeed second to none!


*Have you always wanted to sing but have been nervous to give it a go?


*Have you been told you couldn't sing but really want to?


*Do you want to move beyond your current vocal limitations?


*Do you want to benefit from the therapeutic qualities singing can offer, often unlocking  fears and conflicting or unaddressed emotions or unhelpful belief systems that can sometimes get in the way of truly expressing the voice? 


*Would you like to feel good about yourself and gain lots of confidence, really feel alive.


*Are you a singing professional with vocal problems or wanting to continue to develop further?

*Are you an actor with vocal problems or needing to project more confidently or do you have to offer presentations in your work or social life  and need to know who to project your voice with confidence?

*At our holistic voice studios you will find yourself part of a highly supportive music community of singers of all abilities and from all walks of life, united by a love of singing and guided by the positive spirit that our vocal coach Sandra is renowned for, with lots of  opportunities to perform as a soloist or a choir member at the many concerts and performances that are open for all her students to take part in if you wish!


Trevor John
Singer, Songwriter & Ilustrator


'Sandra Scott  is a gem.

Inspiring, generous and infectiously in love with singing. I feel very lucky to have her in my life!'

Jocasta Roper
Classical Soprano


'Sandra Scott as a teacher and coach, I realise... there are not enough words in the English language! 


'Sandra has, amongst many things, really shed some light on singing in a place and key that actually suits my voice  and  this is not only beneficial physically, but can bring out the signature character of my voice also. I feel as though I've changed so much for the better, thanks to Sandra


My real voice is coming out and I feel unlimited'


Jocasta Roper - soprano

Jazz Singer

'Sandra is more than my teacher. She is my friend, mentor and inspiration. I sing jazz, but I didn't know I had the voice for jazz until Sandra coached me and led me to it.

I'm amazed at her compassion and her love for her students. She always strives to do the best for all of us, no matter what our ability.

Sandra will always be my teacher and friend. She'll always be a special person in my life'

Sandra Scott Singing Studios


07533 207 003